Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am a work in progress... Most days, I still think I am the kid with rocks in her pockets, flowers in her hair, stars in my eyes, paint under her fingernails, gliding through the asphalt in my leotard and bell bottoms with the sun on my back, smiling at strangers, dancing with my shadow - except now my hair is whiter, my skin is softer, the rocks are crystals...The Merriam Webster definition of "Who I am? would say: Mary Ann Fernandez - (noun) a woman who paints and is highly creative, she creates stories with paintbrushes and keyboards; a woman who makes magical spaces out of nothing anywhere, a mother, a teacher of humans of all ages and stages, a caregiver, a loyal friend, a devoted partner, a community chick- Wikipedia on the other hand would depend on who uploaded my story. I used to think I was the Accidental Yogi but in actuality, I was always one to begin with. My yoga mat has become the safety net that catches me when I am spiraling into some deep place in my own abyss or the magic carpet that takes me to faraway places in my consciousness I never visited  Yoga is the thread that unites the tapestry of my being together, uniting all parts of me to one and constantly adding new parts and mending frayed and broken ones. I do not relate to any categories, specific jobs, labels, because i am constantly evolving and so is my teaching, my practice and my art. This is part of my embrace where we are at all times, especially our humanity, this is part of the art I create, the stories I tell.

Creativity has always been the constant in my life since childhood. I am an interdisciplinary artist meaning I create art out of everything in all parts of my life primarily on canvas and in spaces. My life is a work of art ( with a lot of things crossed off, painted over, etc.) and this I teach in my workshops/classes and to my students to embrace the artist in each of us and to tap into that to heal and connect with our inner child (our magical personality - see above...). My goal is to "Master Peace"through this experience creating my existence as a "Masterpiece" and to teach others through meditation, creation and with my Yoga classes.  

What I do....

  • 200hr CYT Yoga/Meditation Instructor (Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation)

  • Working Artist/Interior Decorator, Teach Art/creative tools for healing, fun  and problem solving

  • Reiki Practioner

  • Ordained Minister